The IDBI Bank Ltd is a world renowned Universal bank with a successful strategy and operations spread all over the country. This bank holds the very fine and to the best possible Banking process and IT technology to support the whole banking system and to customers. They cater all types of clients be it individual or on organisation. They offer the best banking solutions with all kind of financial and economical support under the banking decorum with their availability of large amount of branches and ATM machines, established to all over the country. There is also a branch of IDBI in Dubai and with that process IDBI plans to go more in other parts of the world too.

The IDBI Bank


Fixed deposits are the basic necessity of any individual or organisation that thinks and plans for the future.  Fixed deposit schemes are the part of every bank in the world and they also offer a decent percentage of interest for the fixed deposit which is maintained in the banks.

Current Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

IDBI has a good fixed deposit schemes for all the Interest rate of the FD is provide below in the table for our reference with other information too:

IBDI Interest Rates on FD (for general people)
Deposit between 15 to 45 days 6 % interest rates
Deposit between 46 to 200 days 8.50 % interest rates
Deposit between 201 days to 1 year 8.75 % interest rats
Deposit between 1 year & 1 days to 5 years 9 % interest rates
Deposit between  5 years to 7 years 8.75% interest rates
Deposit between  7 years to 10 years 8.50% interest rates
  • With only the tenure of minimum 15 days the interest offered by the bank is 6%.
  • The best and the maximum interest rate is given during the period of 1 year one day till the 5th year which is of 9%.
  • After the 200 days of FD the interest rate for the senior citizen is increased to 0.50 %.
Interest Rates for Senior Citizens
Deposit for 15 to 45 days 6  % interest rates
Deposit for 46 to 200 days 8.5 % interest rates
Deposit for 46 201 to 1 years 9.25 % interest rates
Deposit for 1 year & 1 day to 5 years 9.50 % interest rates
Deposit for 5 to 7 years 9.25 % interest rates